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Our Method

Beginning with our initial assessment and interview, we work to understand your child’s needs, skills, and learning strategies in order to create an individualized learning plan, assisting them in reaching their goals, building their confidence, and improving their grades, one step at a time.

How It Works:

Initial Assessments
to Understand your Child’s Point of View

We know each student is different, so we begin with diversified methods including initial academic assessments, student and parent interviews, and one-on-one sessions to discover your child’s needs and how they learn best.

Developing Plans for Success,
Personalized for your Child’s Unique Needs

Next we work to develop a customized learning plan to suit your child’s needs, goals, and preferences. We assist with what each student is being taught in school, giving them tools and empowering them to achieve their highest potential inside and outside the classroom.

Reporting Progress and
Providing Support for Both the Child and Parent

We give parents a verbal report after each tutoring session, tracking progress made and topics discussed, as well as providing parents with tools and ideas to best support your child with their work based on our observations.
We also provide a weekly written report with detailed documentation of your child’s progress towards their goals.

Ready to Get Started?

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