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What We've Been Up To

The Bookworm Foundation is having a very productive year. We continued to provide a challenging and engaging learning environment for our students that resulted in increased performance by all students. 

We continue to assess our services and plans and learning site capabilities, therefore, we purchased an additional reading site and more chapter books that are favored by our students.  As we continue to assist families in our community, we provided scholarships for two families. 

We welcomed an in-person Intern to our foundation as a math tutor. He provided excellent guidance to our students and the results realized from his sessions were outstanding! His students did well on classroom assignments and tests and loved working with him. Our virtual math tutor’s students continue to excel in their sessions and have learned how to be creative in memorizing methods for problem-solving. 

We applaud our graduating seniors and junior high graduates as we sent them off to universities and high schools, and we are excited to welcome a new group of children to our group, who are in kindergarten, second, third, fourth, sixth, and ninth graders.

More on our students:  All students finished at or above grade level in Reading and Math
as well as other subjects. One pre-kindergartener, E.J. mastered all Dolch sight words and can read level-one books and most first-grade material. R.I and D.I received an excellent progress report despite language barriers.  The classroom teachers from their various schools stated that they worked very hard and demonstrated good behavior.  Our practice is to follow up with teachers to obtain information regarding our students, to ensure our students’ success.
We continue to develop our STEAM/STEM area and our students are always excited when we include these activities in our sessions.

Our focus is to keep literacy in the spotlight. More information will follow soon.

Thank you for your continuous support.

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